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Tyagaraja Day @ Sandhya Madhuradwani - Kerala Museum Edappally

The Kerala Museum brings to you "Sandhya Madhuradwani" *exclusive evening programme of music, every Second Sunday of the month for discerning music lovers and  supporters of our mission to promote Art and performing Arts. 
However in remembrance of Tyagaraja Day this month the Sandhya Madhuradwani - Vocal Concert will be  on  Fourth Saturday 28th of January 2017.   










Vocal               :  Sri Tripunithura Sangeeth Gopal (Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Aasthaana Vidwan) 

Violin               :  Sri Edapally Jayamohan 
Mridangam      :  Sri Aluva K Venkit Praveen
Ganjira            :  Sri Tripunithura N Gopalakrishnan  (Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Aasthaana Vidwan) 


Time : 5 pm, 

Venue: Rohini Hall, Kerala Museum, Edappally


Film Screening @ Kerala Museum Edappally

Dear Museum Lovers,


 A free screening of National Award winning film A Far Afternoon: A Painted Saga by Krishen Khanna at 4pm on Sunday 22 January, 2017 at Rohini Hall, the Kerala Museum, Edappally. 




This event is associated with the exhibition Shifting Narratives currently showing at the Kerala Museum. The exhibition features works of masters of Indian modern art such as Ramkinkar Baij and MF Husain and includes Krishen Khanna's painting Rear View, which can be viewed after the film screening



Solo Art Exhibition :'Garde­n of Thoughts' - Kerala Museum Edappally

Welcome to the 'Garde­n of Thoughts'
Art becomes a true me­dium of expression wh­en the viewer's respo­nse to the artwork me­ets the artist's visi­on. Sreejith PA belie­ves this is the only ­way that art becomes ­complete. And this is­ the theme of his fir­st solo exhibition, G­arden of Thoughts.
A series of artwork ­in colour pencils and­ graphites on recycle­d paper, Garden of Th­oughts explores the r­elationship between h­uman emotions and Nat­ure. Enchanting. Powe­rful. Nurturing and s­avage, at the same ti­me. Nature and human ­emotions have a lot i­n common.
Thinking, especially­ on ideas that seem t­o break conventions, ­broadens the mind, en­couraging one to beco­me a better human bei­ng. And becoming bett­er human beings is th­e purpose of life its­elf. Garden of Though­ts encourages everyon­e to fully live that ­purpose.
Sreejith intends to ­donate part of the pr­oceeds from the exhib­ition to causes assoc­iated with childhood ­cancer.
Garden of Thoughts i­s on at the Museum of­ Kerala History, Edap­ally, from January 4-­8, 2017.
Sreejith can be reach­ed at 94006 05546 and­ at­.


IFA@Kochi: Shifting Narratives - an exhibition at the Kerala Museum | December 11, 2016 - February 26, 2017

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)
in collaboration with
Kerala Museum
Shifting Narratives
(An exhibition of works from the Madhavan Nayar Foundation Collection)
curated by
Supriya Menon
On view from: December 11, 2016 to February 26, 2017
Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Kerala Museum, Pathadipalam, Edappally, Kochi - 682 024
Contact: 0484 2541 768 / +91 81290 51880
Join us on Sunday, December 11, 2016 at the opening of the exhibition Shifting Narratives (An Exhibition of Works from the Madhavan Nayar Foundation Collection) by curator and researcher Supriya Menon.
The works in this exhibition highlight the diverse ways in which modern and contemporary artists have depicted the human figure to narrate stories about the India of their times.
The human figure has remained central to Indian art for millennia. The 19th century saw the rise of British colonial power; it also saw the decline of traditional Indian patronage to artists and exposure to European art, which set off decisive shifts in Indian art. These were manifested in the portrayal of the human form, which soon became a site for exploring ideas of identity, nationalism and modernity. In the decades that followed, the human figure was variously transformed from full-bodied realistic forms to emaciated spectral figures, heroic ideals to desired objects. Through these shifting forms, the artists of each generation responded to their socio-political realities, as well as to the artistic values of those who preceded them. This exhibition draws attention to some of the major concerns of each generation of artists and the changing representations of the figure in their art in a chronological display.
The Kerala Museum houses the Madhavan Nayar Foundation Collection. The collection is the result of its founder Madhavan Nayar’s desire to introduce works of the finest modern and contemporary Indian artists to audiences in Kerala.
Supriya is a Mumbai based curator and researcher. She has worked in public engagement and research roles at various museums in England , including the Wellcome Collection, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, and Victoria & Albert Museum. She has worked on a range of cultural projects in India since 2014, including those at the Bihar Museum, the Dharavi Biennale and Medicine Corner- a British arts project exploring medicine and healing in India.
Supriya Menon received a Fellowship under the Archival and Museum Fellowship initiative, from India Foundation for the Arts, supported by the Tata Trusts.
We look forward to seeing you there!
The IFA team
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Exhibition Preview - Kerala Museum & Kiran Nadar Museum of Art Delhi

 Preview of the exhibition 'Pond near the field' at the Kerala Museum Art Galleries and Visual Arts Centre.
Date: 11 th of December 
Time 5.00 pm 
Exhibition continues:
12th December 2016 to 30th April 2016
Time 10 am  to 6 pm 
Closed on Mondays