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Museum Walk -17th February 2018

The Kerala Museum participated in the India Heritage Walk Festival organised by Sahapedia and YesGlobal Institute on the 17th of February 2018. We had 18 participants from all walks of life join us on a guided tour of our Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.
The Art Walk at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Kerala Museum, takes participants through the exhibition Collecting The Artist (curated by Supriya Menon), the story behind private collector R. Madhavan Nayar's dream to build an art resource for the public. 
The only art collection of its kind in South India, the walk is lead by artist Aditi Nayar, grand-niece to Madhavan Nayar.  She tells you about Mr.Nayar, large-hearted visionary that he was, while she guides you through the key ideas that influenced India's art movements and collectives and examines 20th Century Masters and their art practice from the point of view of a practising artist.

Art Walk in collaboration with Sahapedia and TAOS

On 14 January, 2018, we were delighted to welcome 36 students from Thoppumpady's Our Lady's Convent Girls Higher Secondary School at the Kerala Museum. This two-session event was organised in collaboration with Sahapedia and The Art Organisation Society (TAOS)


Session one: Following introductions, the girls were split into groups named after international museums. They were introduced to the idea and purpose of museums through a visual presentation, after which each team summarised what they had learnt. 


Session two: In the art gallery, the girls were given clues to embark on a art hunt to identify paintings by Indian masters! After this, they gathered in front of each find, expressed opinions on what they could observe and told about the relevance of the master artist. 


We loved having the girls at the Kerala Museum, and are delighted that the event was enjoyed by them (they told us so!) and us.

Sandhya Madhuradwani Violon Concert on 14th January 2018