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The objective of the museum is to generate an interest in the study of the achievements and failures of our ancestors. History is but a collection of the footprints of past giants who rushed to their doom or realised their dreams.

Let us praise you ! Kerala !
Warm Paradise ! Evergreen !
with your mountains and valleys and rivers :
The sea worships your shores :
The rains give you plenty :
And nimble air of the seas makes your palms
Sway and fill your coconuts with the elixir of life :

Latest News

Take advantage of your local museums offering 5 free workshops( Mohiniyattom, Odissi, Hindustani, Clay Modelling, Tholpavakooth) for students of all ages.  

Its all about reading, sharing and nurturing poetry with a dash of fun at The Reluctant Poets, Presented by Ledhi . 

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